Day after day, in work, or in play, I have the unfortunate displeasure of interacting with bluepilled men, who are unwilling and/or unable to see truth. I cringe when I hear my bosses, coworkers and clientele sequel: “The wife, she makes the decisions”. I watch in disgust as an aggressive black coworker bullies a weak white coworker into complete submission via public shaming — that disgust transmutes to joy when I witness the defeated find comfort in an 8X12 head-shot of Lebron James that hangs from his cubicle wall, a preemptive white-flag that fails to have the intended effect.

I have no pity for the weak.

The American Dream has become an Amerikan Nightmare. Through the twin evils of feminism and equalism, this country has become so perverted, so ugly and twisted, I cannot envision a safe dismount from this wretched merry-go-round.

Anyway, welcome to The Zeta Male, where truth shall live.